NRIs EARN & PROFIT from the Small Opportunities that are booming now in INDIA while in USA
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THE BUSINESS is both in USA and INDIA and 20 other Countries .
Active People in USA who are PART of this GLOBAL BUSINESS System is EARN US$10,000 to US$40,000 per Month
PROFIT by EARNING US$10,000+/M* to US$20,000+/M*
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building Small Multiple Businesses

Opportunity to Slowly build a Million Dollar Profitable Business
by knowing all the KNOW HOW step by step
that too starting with has less has US$60/Month .

Abhinandana TS is a Professional Speaker , Trainer and Business Presenter . He started conducting Seminars when he was 19 years old doing his 2nd year engineering after attending a series of Selfelf-Development Workshop during his first year Engineering and was inspired to become a Speaker & Motivator.

While he was doing his Engineering ,his Passion was to conduct Seminar on Sundays and Earn in ONE DAY  more than the Principal of the College who used to get a Monthly Income . During his College Days he would visit other College and conduct " Super-Learning" Workshops

He would spend during early 1993 Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 buying Books every Week  Later buying AUDIO Programs and VIDEO programs

Today his Focus is Mainly conducting Seminars on Business Opportunities and Wealth Income Generating Global Opportunities.


NRIs , Indian students and Husbands whose wife are on H4 Visa , here is an Opportunity for you to UNDERSTAND and STUDY how to SMARTLY and COMFORTABLY Earn starting with maybe just US$2000 to US$5000 per Week and Slowly have additional Income as you EARN without expenses to the Indian Masses and Build Step by Step a PROFITABLE BUSINESSES of EARNING US$10,000 to US$20,000 per Month which is 100% possible if you Work with me for 6 months Online .

First thing I request you is don`t be skeptical or cynical until you Listen to me in detail by calling me on my WhatsAPP Number : +91 9632105645 between 11am to 12:30am in Night India Time and watch all the Videos I send to your Email ID which you Send me on my WhatsAPP or to my Email ID :


Don`t JUMP to your OWN Conclusion . People have a Ph.D for jumping to conclusion or saying " I know everything"  but are struggling financially living in dead-end job or burdenful business.

Heavensake , don`t fall into the " EXCUSITIS PATTERN " of saying ( Note : Google - EXCUSITIS )

" I don`t have TIME".    My Question is  " For what you have TIME ?TIME for making someone
RICH and WEALTHY and you depending only on SALARY.

" I am very very Busy". My Question is " What are you Busy for ? Is to make your BOSS Wives
DREAMS come TRUE ? Or your Dreams come True ?

" I am not Interested".  My Question is " What are you Interested in ? Whatever you are 
interested in Life this FREE SEMINAR  will be a EYE OPENER.

 " I know everything"     I have heard people saying here . I know . I know . I know everything.
When you ATTEND the FREE Session I will explain a SECRET of DOING.


Plz Read my Profile by Visiting my Websites in the LINK : http://www.AbhiTS.in

He has spent more than Rs.7,00,000 buying Books , AUDIO programs and VIDEO Trainings . He has spent more than Rs.7 lakhs for his TRAINING program which he has attended in all fields of Self-Development from NLP to Hypnosis etc

After his Engineering while working in Computer Education Company he attended NLP Training Program by Richard Blandler and that was a breakthrough in organizing and conducting Seminars .

He has conducted Seminars in 2000+ Schools / Colleges / Universities in India and conducts Seminar for Engineering and Medical College Students too .

He weekly address 200 to 500 Students and has addressed more than 500,000 students in last 22 years and addressed more than 200,000 adult people in his Business Seminars , Wealth Seminars , Training programs throughout India .


I was in Bay Area in August/Sep of 2014 when I heard about this Business in USA. The Same Business started in India on 1st Feb 2016 . It is in USA from 2003

.I am from Bangalore . I am basically a Speaker , Trainer , Business Presenter and MOTIVATOR conducted Seminar on "Super-Learning" for 500,000+ Students in 2000+ Schools and Colleges in India in last 23 years .

I have conducted "Business Seminar" and " Wealth Income" Seminars throughout INDIA for more than 200,000 people who pay Rs.2500 to Rs.7,500 for 1 day to 2 day Seminars.

I have conducted a FREE 91 Min INTRODUCTORY Presentation on " DOING Profitable and SMART businesses in INDIA while you are SITTING in USA"  and EARN according to your Motivation from US$1000 to US$5000 to even US$10,000 per Month in San Jose earlier. In this FREE INTRODUCTORY Session I made NRIs to Understand the POTENTIAL of EARNING both from USA & INDIA because I have earned sitting in my Pyjamas not only from India but also from USA that too US$1000+ per Day for a couple of months( will show you the Proof ) and owned 2 LOTS of 1 acre and 0.6 acre before I stepped into USA .

After the FREE VIDEOS which you Watch, there will be Practical Hands-on Training for 1hr to 3hrs which will be NOMINALLY charged which will show you PRACTICALLY how sitting in USA in the comfort of your Home you can SLOWLY step by step start Earning US$2000 to US$5000/Week and slowly go on to REACH US$10,000 to US$20,000 per month and later using this EARNING build a Million Dollar Businesses which generate that kind of CashFlow .

So I request you to call me through WhatsAPP on +1 917 460 6715 after you WhatsAPP your NAME , Email ID , City you are Residing in USA and your home Town in India . I will send you an Email .. Go through that Email and don`t Jump to your Own conclusion . Ask me Positive Questions either by Email or WhatsAPP or by Call after you Watch my Videos .

I was in NEW YORK from Aug 30th 2016 to Dec 30 2016 and again I am coming to NEW YORK.

Talking with me maybe be very thought-provoking , punching on the nose hard facts which are difficult to accept but is the truth of life and practical ways to create PASSIVE WEALTH INCOME very SMARTLY and COMFORTABLY Earning US$10,000 to US$50,000 per Month ..

  THIS will be ANNOUNCED Shortly .  



1.) Get the KNOW-HOW to Build a Business EARNING from INDIA & USA.

2.) START Multiple SMALL BUSINESS without Liabilities .


4.) PUT Small BUSINESS on AUTO-PILOT without WORKING later but Create CASHFLOW.

5.) Network with the Right People to EXPAND so that you EASILY Achieve your GOAL.

6.) What technological tools to use which I used to EARN from these Businesses .

from WORLDWIDE for a COUPLE of Years and to CREATE WEALTH INCOME which
EARNS Passively to LIVE your DREAM LIFE !!!

I request you to STUDY all the details in my WEBSITE or the VIDEOS I will send to your Email ID or on WhatsAPP . You have to put atleast 2hrs to 4hrs of Study . I have put more than 500 hrs of Study which is Generating for me at Present Rs.2+ Lakhs per Month but my Goal is to REACH US$10,000 to US$50,000 per Month which is Possible in next 6 months to 2 years time .

CONTACT me NOW on WhatsAPP +1 917 460 6715with all your Details to get FULL DETAILS .

Thank you

Abhinandana TS

+1 917 460 6715 ( USA ) WhatsAPP me on this Number with your Name , City in USA & EMail ID and mention your Time zone in USA and also mention your Hometown in India .